Klatch Coffee

Belle Espresso

Roast: Medium/Dark
Region: Africa, Central America, Hawaiian , Indonesia , South America
Method: Espresso
Notes: Caramel, Chocolate
(3 reviews)

Our Price: $15.85
Weight: 12oz

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   Our Belle Espresso is the highest rated espresso blend with a 94 point rating by coffee expert Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review. Ken tried 40 espressos and rated over 30 espresso blends, placing Belle on top. 

   Davids described the espresso by Klatch Coffee as: "Intense aroma: brandy, chocolate, caramel. In the small cup medium in body but smooth in mouthfeel, crisply pungent yet caramelly sweet, with a tightly knit, understated complexity: brandy, caramel, cedar and flowers, hints of which persist in the roundly rich finish. Masters milk with a gentle, brandied chocolate authority."


Average Rating:
(based on 3 reviews)

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by Kyle
on 8/15/2016
Pretty dag good
Although I can't claim to be a connoisseur, I have never tasted a better espresso than this. I use a Masser Mini grinder, and a Via Venezia (mid-level for sure) espresso maker. You will not be dissapointed.
by Brea
on 10/7/2014
Smoothest Espresso
This was hands-down the smoothest shot of espresso I have ever had. Chocolatey and delicious. I have never had espresso that left no bitterness at the end of the taste like this. I have read other reviews of this coffee, I know it has one of the highest rankings for expresso by The Coffee Review...but I was still blown away by how good this was. Absolutely will be my go-to espresso.
by TKLarsen
on 10/6/2014
Delicious made in a Moka Pot
I've had Klatch's World's Best Espresso at one of their cafes, it was one of the best cups of espresso I've ever had (and I live near Seattle). So, I was super excited to try this one. I don't have an espresso maker at home, I use a moka pot (italian style stovetop espresso maker) and this was delish! Without sugar it was very smooth, no bitter twang on the back of the tongue. With sugar it tasted very fruity, kind of like juicy berries. With sugar and milk it tasted like milk chocolate. You should definitely try this one!
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