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"The Long Week"

   6am, Monday morning.   The snooze bar takes your abuse for 30 minutes, but you finally trade the cozy confines of your bed for the outside world.  Groggily, you walk to the bathroom, hoping a brisk face wash will prepare you for what lies ahead.  As you look at yourself in the mirror you think about what this week holds:  Deadlines, quotas, meetings, reviews, and TPS reports!  “You can do this!” – you say to yourself, attempting to sound confident.  Slowly waking up, you walk to the kitchen.  

 You. Need. Coffee.

   The one bright spot of these cold, grey mornings is a steaming, aromatic, and warming cup in your hands.  That sweet nectar of the living is the only thing that will propel you through this morning, this Monday, and this week!  As you reach for your bag of (insert favorite coffee here), it seems a little light.  Hesitantly, you peer inside to see what you hope will be at least enough for today’s cup, but alas!  The little bag you have turned to for comfort, for the will to go on, has betrayed you.  Your mind races, “Is this last week’s bag?  Do I have more in the cupboard?  Did I buy some at the store and it fell out in the trunk?”  How is this possible?!  Empty box of cereal, sure.  Empty milk carton still in the fridge, you can handle that.  Last roll of toilet paper empty on the dispenser – you’ve been camping before.  But this??

   Head down, shoulders slouched, you give up.  Desperate for caffeine, you grab a can of warm Coke off the top of the fridge, and prepare for your commute to work.

This is going to be a Long Week.


   Don't let this happen to you!  Click. Roast. Deliver.  It's as simple as that.  Select your coffee from our artisan roaster coffee shop,  then it is roasted, and delivered to you straight from the roaster.  Shipping takes 1-4 days.  Never run out of coffee again!

 Your coffee comes direct from the Roaster to you, ensuring the freshest coffee possible.  Our roasters ship within 2 business days of your order.  You can expect to receive your coffee, depending on your location, within 5-7 days of roast.  To ensure the freshest coffee, try ordering from our roasters that are closer to you.  We’ve listed the roast locations of all our roasters, so you know where your coffee is shipping from.  

Coffee is best 3 days to 3 weeks from roast

   Our roasters care passionately about the coffee they produce.  They invest heavily in their Direct Trade relationships, equipment, training, and green coffee to make sure you get the best coffee possible.  Instead of expiration dates, they put a “Roasted-on” date on their bags.  Coffee is best consumed from 3 days to 3 weeks after roast.  Most roasters use valve-type bags, so your coffee de-gasses (a good thing) while enroute to you.  ClickRoastDeliver’s Roasters ship within 48 hours of roast, and shipping takes 1-3 days.  Major market roasters will put expiration dates 12-18 months after roast on their product.  (In that time you can practically grow your own coffee!)  

CRD wishes you Short Weeks, Happy Mondays, and Great Mornings.