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Direct Trade/Relationship Coffees 

   As the picture above portays, Direct Trade, Farm Direct, Relationship Coffees- all terms you may have heard or seen when looking at Artisan Roasters, are about the people and places behind the beans.  Below is a basic explanation of what these terms generally mean, and why you should care if your coffee has this designation:

What does Direct Trade mean for me?

  •  Better tasting coffee - The best coffee possible is in your cup, because the best coffee growers are rewarded for their production.

  • “Behind the Beans” - As a consumer it gives you control over what types of business and farming practices you want to support.

What is Direct Trade? 

  • Direct Trade, Farm Direct, Relationship coffees- all describe the process and relationship that our coffee roasters use to source their green coffee beans.  They promote environmental protection, economic sustainability, and attempt to protect the rights of farmers and farm laborers.

How does Direct Trade work?

  • Roasters work directly with the farmers, so they have a better understanding of the coffee and associated culture, and directly communicate their expectations for quality and sustainability.  

  • Coffee Producers agree to meet specific guidelines for environmentally responsible growing, such as water treatment and recycling, responsible land management including the conservation of native biodiversity, and minimal or no use of pesticides and herbicides. They also must uphold standards for healthy social and business practices, ensuring fair wages and treatment of their workers.  

  • The best coffee producers are given the best price.  For producers that invest in healthier and more sustainable farming practices, they are rewarded with higher prices for their beans.  Why?  They make better coffee.  

  • Roasters want to establish long lasting relationships, and so work directly with the coffee producers to improve their practices, and in the end, improving their coffee.  

Why should I buy Direct Trade coffees?

  • Your coffee will taste outstanding.

  • You are supporting sustainable farming, and helping improve business practices in coffee producing regions of the world.

  • Your are helping coffee producers plan for their futures, and see the economic advantages of responsible farming.

  • You know what’s going on “Behind the Beans”.