Feeling adventurous?  Take a Java Journey!  A Java Journey is a coffee subscription, a tour through the virtual cornucopia of fine coffees our roasters produce.  Your favorite coffee could be a click away, but you don’t know until you try it.  Let CRD be your guide, entrust your mornings to us, and we’ll send you a different fantastic coffee (or two) every month to enjoy.  

Java Journeys are available in different categories, choose the one that best suits you, and enjoy!


   Cue Flight of the Valkyries.  You take your coffee with more coffee.  Kickstart your day to greatness.  “I believe in a thing called”... coffee.  A drinkable alarm clock.  What Luke Skywalker drank before battling the Emperor.  Chuck Norris loves it.  

   This Journey is so bold, it requires multiple taglines.  Made up of Dark roasts, French Roasts, and Italian roasts, these coffees can stand up to whatever you throw at them.  Expect bold, intense, smoky and chocolaty flavors.  You’re welcome.

Espress Yourself

   You like your coffee “Under Pressure”.  You own a demitasse or three.  Perhaps you start your mornings off with a few shots over ice?  If this describes you, then take a Journey with us through our Roasters’ Espresso Blends, as well as other blends and even Single Origins that produce amazing shots.  

   We say- “Our roasters’ Espressos are the best”, you say- “Prove it”.

Single Origin Safari

   Travel the world, trying Single Origin coffees from lands near and far.  If you like wine and scotch tastings, then you need to try Single Origin coffees.  Single Origin means the beans come from one location, sometimes a single coffee farm, and are so good that they can stand alone, no blending necessary.  These coffees will not fit a specific profile.  If you’re looking for variety, and want to step up your coffee game, put this in your cart!  


   Road trip!  Tour America’s best coffee houses, drinking their house blend and favorite café pours, without ever leaving your kitchen.    CaffeiNation brings the best House Blends, featured roasts, and seasonal favorites from our Roasters, direct to your doorstep.  Treat yourself, or gift this tour to someone you care about.  You won’t regret it.