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Klatch Coffee

Established: 1993
Location: Uplands, CA

Want to try a blend crafted by the winners of the biggest coffee roasting competition in the world? Then look no further than our selection of Klatch Coffee! The highly esteemed Los Angeles-based roaster is the deserving winner of many prestigious awards, and for good reason – they’ve been roasting up some of the best blends in the country for more than 20 years.

When you buy Klatch Coffee online, your taste buds will thank you – whether you’re in the mood for something simple and smooth or something crazy and bold, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you. And when you do, you can easily subscribe to your preferred blend through Click Roast Deliver so that you never run out!

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Directly From the Roaster to Your Door

Click Roast Deliver sets itself apart from other coffee providers by selling blends that are actually fresh, which is why you won’t find an expiration date on any bag of Klatch Coffee coffee beans that you order from us.

You might think coffee with an expiration date that’s a year away is fresh, but have you ever asked yourself when that coffee was actually roasted? It could have been months ago! And unlike wine and cheese, coffee doesn’t get better with age – it tastes best between three days and three weeks after roast.

Instead of an expiration date, all of our coffee comes with a “roasted on” date, so you never have to wonder. The only way to make a blend from expert coffee artisans like the folks at Klatch Coffee better is to deliver it to as soon as it’s roasted. Yup, all of the flavors of Klatch Coffee you see here are roasted to order, because we believe you deserve to experience coffee in its highest form at the lowest price possible.

Behind the Blend

A “klatch” is defined as a casual gathering of people, usually coming together over coffee or tea. Klatch Coffee strives to embody the feeling of a close-knit community with each and every one of their unique roasts, because coffee just tastes best when it’s shared with friends.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Klatch Coffee has grown in its 20-year history from a tiny family owned business to a well-respected and highly decorated roasting company. Named “Best Coffeehouse in America” at Coffee Fest 2012, and awarded the Golden Bean award in 2015, there’s no doubting their expertise.

Despite their fame in the coffee industry, Klatch Coffee hasn’t gotten a big head about it. The coffee beans that go into every blend are grown from strong relationships with farmers around the world. Fairness and sustainability are at the core of Klatch’s direct trade model of business.

Flavors You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

With names like the Crazy Goat Blend and the Blue Thunder Blend, you know you’re in for a unique treat when you buy Klatch Coffee. You’d be hard pressed to find a group of blends as thoughtfully and painstakingly crafted as these – each individual variety of coffee bean is roasted to its peak flavor.

At first glance, it might be easy to write off a blend called the World’s Best Espresso as a case of hyperbole, but look closer and you’ll notice that it actually earned the title at the 2007 World Barista Championship! There’s no exaggerating this medium roast’s deliciousness – the mix of chocolate and citrus flavors is a winning combination.

No matter which blend you decide to try first, we guarantee any one of our artisan coffees will brighten up your morning. Buy Klatch Coffee online today from Click Roast Deliver to get some of the best blends in the world shipped directly to your front door!

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