Seven Coffee Roasters

Established: 2005 
Location: Seattle (Fremont), WA

Looking for a break from the everyday and ordinary? Then you have to try the out of this world and extraordinary flavors from Seven Coffee Roasters, a family-owned artisanal coffee shop based in Seattle, Washington.

Like all of the artisan coffees we offer at Click Roast Deliver, when you buy Seven Coffee you’re guaranteed top quality, original roasts unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Start looking forward to early mornings instead of dreading them by giving yourself the gift of premium coffee from Seven Coffee!

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Directly from the Roaster to Your Door

When you buy Seven Coffee online from Click Roast Deliver, you’re not just getting any old bag of beans – you’re getting freshly roasted coffee beans directly from the roaster themselves.

Unlike most coffee buying sites, we don’t pull your order from a warehouse shelf to ship it out to you – we send the order to the roaster, where it’s roasted fresh just for you! Our mission is to provide the freshest artisan coffees to your doorstep at reasonable prices that will allow you to live luxuriously every single day without completely emptying your wallet.

You don’t have to live in Seattle to enjoy the best coffee that the country has to offer. No matter where you are, we can ship Seven Coffee straight to your front door. The moment you open your package from Click Roast Deliver and smell the intoxicating aroma of any of the artisanal blends we offer, you’ll wonder how you ever survived on your usual supermarket coffee.

Behind the Brew

Founded in Seattle, WA, also referred to as “Coffee City, USA”, Seven Coffee Roasters has been crafting artisan blends by hand every day since 2006. While they’re newer to the Pacific Northwest’s coffee scene, don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re just a bunch of bandwagon hoppers – roastmaster and founder Sean Lee is an expert in his craft, and has proved Seven Coffee has a place among the city’s more established roasting giants.

Each roast is carefully crafted to honor the founder’s grandmother, a spirited woman lovingly called Nana by her family. “Nana” also happens to be the Japanese word for “seven”, and so the name “Seven Coffee” was born. Coffee that’s hand-made with such a personal and heartfelt touch always manages to taste better than anything mass produced.

Passion for the craft, compassion for the community, and plain hard-work are the core values that go into every bag of coffee beans produced and packaged by the Seven Coffee team. They certainly don’t let any of the praise for their delicious roasts go to their heads, and their small-business, sleeves-up attitude is what makes their coffee stand out from the crowd.

Flavors You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Seven Coffee specializes in single-origin coffees, meaning each flavor is focused on one part of the world. Take their Ethiopia Sidamo, for example – the solid bodied, organic roast is made up of coffee beans exclusively from the Sidamo region in Africa. The roast’s singularity allows its hints of blueberry to come through cleanly and clearly, without being muddled by other flavors.

At Click Roast Deliver, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most unique craft blends in the country, and Seven Coffee is truly an original in the industry. With flavors rooted in Hawaiian and Japanese culture, they bring a fresh take to the ancient practice of roasting coffee beans.

Looking to give the gift of flavorful coffee to somebody that you love? Buy Seven Coffee to transform their dull morning routine into a high-end brewing experience, but be warned – once you open your package from Click Roast Deliver, you’ll be tempted to keep some for yourself!

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