Streamline Espresso

Roast: Medium
Region: Central America, South America , Africa
Method: Espresso
Notes: Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, Blackberry, Blueberry, Bittersweet Chocolate
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Our Price: $14.35
Weight: 12oz

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   Victrola’s delightful, creamy, rich and complex espresso blend they use in their cafes.  There is the crema, brick red-brown and thick.  Its pillowy viscosity clings to the sides of the warm demitasse.  In a swirl around the cup, it offers fleeting notes of fresh pine that plump into a full, soft caramel aroma.  Streamline's fruit---juicy blueberry and blackberry--carries it across the palate slowly: toasted hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate, and brown sugar each take their time on the tongue before melting into a butter frosting mouth-feel.  The four coffees working together here are a linear, tight knit bunch.  They have dinner together and laugh until their bellies hurt, kind of like us.


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by Ross
on 6/24/2013
Love this coffee
This might be my new favorite coffee. I used my French press and turned out a wonderfully smooth coffee, that was full bodied and delicious. I tasted more of the chocolatey tastes, nutty aromas, with some high citrus notes. Excellent.
by Janessa
on 6/14/2013
no espresso machine / no problem
I used my drip coffee maker and this was an excellent start to my day. I used a little cream, which complimented all the yummy tasting notes. Bittersweet chocolate and Hazlenut?! Why yes, thank you very much!! I can only imagine how smooth an actual espresso shot would taste from this roast.
by Ryan
on 6/12/2013
Tried as French Press
Didn't have an espresso machine available, so tried as a French Press. Also only had a blade grinder (not the best scenario to try this coffee). It was outstanding, very smooth and great to sip on with no cream/sugar added. I was surprised it was so good done as french press, even though it's not listed as a french press coffee. Now I'll be trying other Espressos as FP.
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