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Why Click Roast Deliver?

For many of us, a fresh cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute necessity. Click Roast Deliver is designed to make sure you will always have the best and freshest coffee. We are an online marketplace for Artisan Roasters, one stop shopping with access to the best coffee roasters in North America. ONE login, ONE account, ONE website. We will be focusing on “3rd Wave” Roasters, those who pride themselves on producing outstanding coffees, and building lasting relationships with coffee bean producers.  

Simple, Quick, and Convenient

On ClickRoastDeliver.com (CRD) you can purchase 1 bag or multiple bags of coffee, from 1 or multiple roasters. You can also setup a recurring purchase, or subscription, for your favorite coffees. Feeling a little adventurous?  Take a Java Journey of your choice, to experience different roasters’ interpretations of your favorite type of coffee. Want to give the gift of delicious fresh coffee?  We sell gift cards, or you can make any purchase - including subscriptions and Java Journeys- as a gift.  

Who we are

The Klassen family - Terry, Michael, and Brandon, started an Office Coffee Service in the Seattle area, Blue Tiger Coffee Service. Focused on providing outstanding local coffees from artisan roasters, and top-notch customer service, Blue Tiger has grown rapidly, expanding into Los Angeles. Partnering with Ryan Roumonada, we decided to bring this same concept to the home market. We are spoiled to live in Seattle, a.k.a. “Coffee City, USA”, surrounded by amazing roasters. Many people throughout the U.S. don’t have access to the amazing coffees we do, so we’d like to change that. That is why we have launched Click Roast Deliver. We are offering mainly Pacific NW roasters, but will be expanding to include Roasters across the U.S. very quickly.  Everyone deserves a delicious cup of coffee, and we are making that happen.